The Environmental Management Association of Singapore (EMAS) was formed by service providers in contract cleaning, waste management, and pest control industries. EMAS aims to create a unified platform for environmental industry companies to enhance professionalism and tackle shared environmental and hygienic service concerns. Over the years, EMAS has organised seminars, mission trips, and training programmes to foster member and industry growth. Additionally, EMAS provides valuable information and industry updates to support business and professional development in the sector.


  • Promote Business Growth: EMAS seeks to promote and expand the environmental hygiene services industry.
  • Address Industry Concerns: EMAS is dedicated to studying and addressing concerns and issues within the hygiene industry.
  • Enhance Technical Knowledge: The organisation aims to promote industry stakeholders' technical knowledge and skills.
  • Professional Image: EMAS strives to enhance the professional image of the environmental hygiene services industry.
  • Foster Collaboration: EMAS works to foster information exchange and establish potential strategic alliances among its members, industry partners, government agencies, and overseas counterparts.


Joining EMAS: Empowering Your Business in the Cleaning Industry

When you join EMAS, you become integral to a thriving community dedicated to serving Singapore's cleaning sector. As a valued member of this community, you gain access to a wealth of valuable business insights and stay at the forefront of industry advancements through a vast network of connections. This valuable information keeps you informed and positions you for a competitive advantage over your peers.

Your active involvement with EMAS goes beyond individual benefits; it actively contributes to advancing industry interests and creating a more dynamic growth environment for cleaning and pest control. EMAS is committed to nurturing your local and regional businesses and providing essential support for your growth. Furthermore, EMAS offers a pivotal platform through which your voice can proactively advocate for industry concerns and priorities.

Join EMAS today to tap into a world of opportunities, strengthen your industry presence, and ensure your business thrives in Singapore and beyond.